Can I join?!

Are you an ambitious individual.

Do you hold an audience across facebook, twitch, youtube, instagram, tik tok etc?

Are you looking to up your game and those who follow you?

Then we've got a space with your name on it!

What routes are there?

So we have 2 core routes for people joining Nectar

After submitting your profile to our team, we would look at all supporting evidence (socials, engagement, drive & all other context)

You would then get a response within 24-48 working hours about where we think you could fit into the team. In the eventuality that you're not up to what we're looking for, we'll give you some pointers and leave that door open for the future!

Tier 1 | Ambassador

  • 1st Stage - Reach out

    Be sure to apply for our programme via
  • 2nd Stage - Things to Include

    We'll be looking for some links to socials - think Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc. We'll also be looking at your engagement and drive. We're looking for people who love our brand and have infectious energy!
  • 3rd Stage - Review

    Once you've done yours, we'll do ours. We'll be sure to review and provide feedback within 1-2 working days!
  • 4th Stage - Path to Partner

    You'll be working towards your next tier before you know it!

At this stage, you'd gain access to exclusive items at discounted rates before launch. You'll also get some inside information on future launches and would help shape the future of Nectar.
Not enough? You'll also gain royalties from your community...but we're not looking for a churn and burn for this team. We want you to love our product, ideology and values.

Tier 2 | Partner

  • 1st Stage - Reach out / Promotion

    If you think you're Partner material from day 1, be sure to let us know why!
    You're able to move your way from Ambassador to Partner through pure engagemnet with your audience and showcasing our brand.
  • 2nd Stage - Your Next Goal

    As we grow, we're looking for people who can really push the brand from strength to stregnth. We've been working to create products that help people in all avenues of life (the daily grind).
    We'll be looking to see what helps you grind, be that in the gym, workplace, on stream (which might be your workplace) or through your chosen sporting activity.
  • 3rd Stage - Inspired Product?

    We've not done it yet...but let's never say never!

You've nailed it.
At this stage, you'd gain access to exclusive items for free before launch, helping build your own hype for our launches. You'll gain exlcusive merch and we'll even select a few to help refine our future flavours.
Oh & you'll get a hightened level of royalty per sale.

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